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Mobile Photo Filter Are you not satisfied with your photos quality? Do you want to improve them? Choose Mobile Photo Filter from SysDevSoftware Ltd. You have great chance to get all in one tool to remove camera sensor (CCD/CMOS) noise, correct picture colors, brightness, contrast, perform sharpness correction, as well as rotate your photos to correct their orientation. Why Mobile Photo Filter? * It is universal! Other similar software products are too 'special'. Usually, noise reduction software has poor support for picture post-processing, while picture post-processing software have no or poor noise filtering tools. * It is easy! It's not required for you to walk throu set of tools you never use. Minimum setting, maximal effect. Everything you need for photo processing - from raw camera photo to nice presentable picture is located within one toolbar! Key features: * Camera sensor 'noise' filter with 2 settings only; * Colors intensity, brightness, contrast correction tool with enhanced contrast correction algorithm; * Photo sharpen correction; * Photo rotation tool; * Different pictures formats supported: JPEG/TIFF/PNG... with formats conversion ability. * Embedded photos list panel; switch among images with one mouse click.

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